Camp Stalker

Join us for a good old-fashioned knot tying

Since what we're planning is unusual, here are some answers to FAQs we've been getting: 

Camp Dress Code: No shirt, no shoes, no service

The weekend is meant to be informal, so plan to dress comfortably in (almost) whatever that means for you. 

  • Weekenders should plan for casual, camp-friendly attire for the weekend
  • We recommend layers and being prepared for rain (we're crossing our fingers, please do the same!). Expect high temperatures of 60-65 and lows of 45-50. It cools down quite a bit at night and can get windy on the water (we'll be right on the Puget Sound... which is kind of like the ocean)
  • You'll be spending your days outside, so plan accordingly. We'll have a tent for shade, but plan to deal with the elements: sun, cold, rainy, windy, etc.

Ceremony Dress Code: Nice, but casual

Honestly, your dance moves are probably what you should be stressing about…not your outfit. There isn't a bridal party so we'll be the only ones really dressed up. We'd rather you guys not show us up so stick with something casual. Below are recommendations, but do what makes you most comfortable.

  • Ladies: Casual summer or maxi dress
  • Dudes: Button-down shirt & slacks/jeans/ shorts/jorts/chorts (ties or suits are welcome but absolutely not required -- your call)
  • The ceremony and reception will be outside so to plan accordingly we recommend: 
    • Flat shoes/sandals (we'll be on lawn & a rocky beach all day)
    • Sunglasses/sunscreen/hats as we'll be outside
    • Layers for the evening (or you could just dance your face off to keep warm)

What should I bring?

Here are some recommended items you might want to bring if you are a Weekender or a DayTripper.

  • Picnic blankets: If you have one you can bring, it would help us out a ton. We’ll have some available, but not enough for everyone, and they’re likely to come in pretty handy.

  • Sunscreen & bug spray: The good news is that climate change is destroying huge swaths of the globe this summer which means Seattle should be amazing come late September. You might want sunscreen, bug spray, or other things that protect you from the elements. We’ll have some available on the island, but encourage you to bring whatever makes you most comfortable.

  • Swimsuit: The water is not warm (mid 50s). But you may want a suit if you plan to canoe/kayak.

  • Yoga Mat: If you'd like to partake in the optional yoga class on Saturday morning, we recommend bringing a yoga mat. (Or you can make the best of it with a towel or blanket.)

Will I have cell service?

  • Phone service: There is service at the resort, but it can be a little spotty
  • Wifi: Available throughout the resort

Will you have the football games playing somewhere? 

Yes, duh. The rec room has cable and you’ll be able to watch the Husky & Seahawks (or other televised) games at the resort.

Can I bring my kids for the day? 

Unfortunately, no. Camp Stalker is adults only. Not because we don't love your kids, but because the venue has a pretty strict limit on the number of people they allow at the resort. We're already over capacity and have to bring in a port-a-potty. We know this is hard for some of you and apologize for any issues this causes.

Your infant children are absolutely allowed to join you for the day, however.

What is the food situation?

Meals will be provided, but we know some people have dietary restrictions. Below is the rough menu so you can determine whether you'd like to bring your own meals/snacks onto the island (all cabins have full kitchens). Yurts have a shared outdoor kitchen space.


  • Dinner: Pizza & salad (served by DIGS food truck)
    • Gluten free and vegetarian options will be available


  • Light breakfast: Yogurt, granola, bagels, fruit, eggs, Eggos (that's right... it's camp!)
  • Lunch: BBQ (hot dogs & burgers; veggie options available)
  • Dinner: Taco/burrito bar (steak, chicken, fish, vegetarian, and gluten-free options available)


  • Light breakfast: Same as Saturday
  • Lunch: Leftovers, BBQ
  • Dinner: TBD (from the DIGS food truck)

How do I get around Seattle?

For our friends coming in from outside Seattle, you fly into SeaTac (SEA). Seattle is a pretty easy place to get around with Uber, Car2Go, ZipCar, busses, and the light rail from the airport.

I'm going to have some time to kill in Seattle. What should I do?

Check out our favorite things to do in Seattle here!

You have a question we didn't cover?

Other people might too! Send us an email at and we'll get you an answer.