Camp Stalker

Join us for a good old-fashioned knot tying

Have we said how excited we are to spend the weekend with you?

Here is the schedule as best we can predict it for the weekend, but note that times may shift depending on weather.

Plan to be flexible and you'll be sure to enjoy the weekend that much more!


9pm: Tallboys at King's Hardware; come meet some of your fellow campers and say hi to the future Stalkers.


1pm: Board the bus in Seattle (or 3 pm from the airport)

4pm: Check-in at the resort

4:01pm: Dranks! Lawn games! Canoe! Craft! You do you. #YOLO

7pm: Pizza night! (Served by DIGS food truck)

8:30pm: Group event (

10pm: Movie night, s'mores, late night snacks, games, etc.


All day activities available: Lawn games, canoeing, craft stations, etc. It's camp & we want you to have fun on your own schedule. The only "required" activity is the ceremony. Duh.

7:01am: Sunrise (if you're into that sort of thing- the resort faces east & sun rises over the water)

9am: Breakfast available (menu in FAQ)

10am: Yoga on the lawn (BYO-Mat/towel)

12:30pm: Lunch available (menu in FAQ)

4:30pm: Ceremony (may shift to earlier in the day if weather appears to be an issue)

5pm: Cocktails & lawn games

6pm: Dinner (menu in FAQ)

7:30pm: Dance party & Husky vs. Arizona kickoff

10:30pm: Leave to catch the last ferry off the island (which is at 11pm)

10:45pm: Camp Stalker After Dark: The dance party after the dance party (parents you should probably be gone before this)

11pm: Last ferry off the island leaves


All day: Nurse our hangovers with some hair of the dog beverages and relax

9am: Breakfast available

9:15am: Shuttles start taking people to the ferry

9:53am: Ferry leaves Guemes Island

10am: First bus departs Anacortes

12:30pm: Lunch available

2:15pm: Shuttles start taking people to the ferry

2:53pm: Ferry leaves Guemes Island

3pm: Second bus departs Anacortes

6pm: Dinner at the DIGS food truck

8:30pm: Stories by the campfire


Check out by 10am (Adam & Janelle have room to take up to 15 people back to the city Monday morning. Contact us if you want to stay the extra night.)